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"Felix The Cat" Debut With Us In 1919

"Felix the Cat" is a Smooth and cool-animal cartoon character developed in 1919 by Rub Sullivan and also Otto Messmer throughout the silent film period. A human like black feline with white eyes, a black body, and also a large smile, he is one of the most acknowledged cartoon characters in film history. Felix The Cat was a silent film which tried to move to sound in the late 20's but was not to successful and even in the 30's was short lived. Felix Came back to life in 1953 on TV in the United States and had good success. For complete history go here.  
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"Lil Abner" Created By Al Capp

"Lil Abner" Had A Long History ....About 43 years Of Success From Newspaper To Television. Created In 1934 By Cartoonist Al Capp. The Character Lil Abner Was A Handsome Built Hillbilly Who Was Always Being Chase By A Beautiful Blond... Daisy Mae Scraggs. She Finally Caught Him And They Married In 1953 And Had A Child Named "Honest Ab". Cartoon Production Started About 1944.                                                   More History About Lil Abner.... Here                  

A Little History About Cartoon "Krazy Kat" and George Herriman Cartoonist Creator

 First Man Of Color Cartoonist ?    Watch Video And Learn More: The Picture Above Is Around 1922 And His Heritage Not Coming Out Until Around 1970 And He Died In 1944... More About Him Here

The Howlin Wolf

 There were about 3 or 4" Howlin Wolf " cartoons made in the 1940's ....They crack me up with the eyes popping out of  his head !! The girl dancing is suppose to be little red riding hood all grown up LoL😁 Frederick Bean  " Tex "  Avery  (February 26, 1908 – August 26, 1980) was an American animator  and director , known for producing and directing animated cartoons during the golden   time of age of animation . Sometimes Avery was accused Of breaking boundaries with sexual overtones at time.  "Creator Of The Howling Wolf"