Thursday, February 4, 2021

"Lil Abner" Created By Al Capp

"Lil Abner" Had A Long History ....About 43 years Of Success From Newspaper To Television. Created In 1934 By Cartoonist Al Capp. The Character Lil Abner Was A Handsome Built Hillbilly Who Was Always Being Chase By A Beautiful Blond... Daisy Mae Scraggs. She Finally Caught Him And They Married In 1953 And Had A Child Named "Honest Ab". Cartoon Production Started About 1944.

Alfred Gerald Caplin was born in 1909 in New Sanctuary, Connecticut as a kid of Latvian-Jewish ancestry. His dad, Otto Philip Caplin, was a entrepreneur who drew animations in his extra time. At the age of 9, he was hit by a trolley car and fell into a coma. Physicians amputated his left leg while he was unconscious. This terrible event, together with his household'' s poverty, had a strong effect on his life. He never ever got a high school diploma and regardless of studying art at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, the Pennsylvania Academy of Art and the Designers Art School in Boston, he was thrown bad luck each time because he was not able to pay his tuition. In 1933 he worked as a ghost artist on Ham Fisher's  "Joe Palooka ". However, a year later he quit to begin his own series. '' Lil Abner on 13 August 1934. This soured their working relationship. For many years Fisher claimed that Capp 

plagiarized his concepts and even produced supposed adult images hidden in pages of  Lil Abner to tar and plume his name. When the National Cartoonists Society examined the accusation, Fisher's scam was quickly exposed and resulted in him being banned from the same organization he was the founder of. Their hatred was so mutual that even when Fisher devoted suicide in 1955, Capp felt this was his greatest achievement and a personal victory.



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