Thursday, February 17, 2022

Remember "The Three Stooges"?.... But Did You Know About The Animated Cartoons 1965-1966

 Remember "TheThree Stooges" an iconic comedy show that started as a vaudeville stage act in the 1920's and continued on to film shorts into the early 70's. What you probably didn't know is that there where animated cartoons made of the three characters 1965-1966. The cartoon shorts emulated the trio's antics and slap stick ways as presented on the film shorts. Larry, Curly and Moe were the characters in the cartoon version. Cambria Studios made 156 short Stooge cartoons and was supervised by Lee Orgel. The color television made the yearlong cartoons successful. There is 

not a lot more I can really said about these cartoon shorts, except I did not enjoy them as much as I did the film version Shorts. Here is one of the cartoons below....they called them "The New Three Stooges" 1965-1966. Enjoy!  BJ

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