Monday, February 21, 2022

Cartoon Animation Was Used For American Propaganda During World War II And After For Re-enlisting Soldiers

Did you know that World War ll helped change some history of animation? Before the war, animation was thought of as a form of childish amusement, but little did the American public know it would play a big part in American history. At the beginning of the war, the US government was hesitant to use propaganda campaigns, this included comic book heroes, posters, leaflets, and animated cartoons. Due to media pressure the US government decided it might be a useful tool to use. The government still insisted this was not an act of propaganda but a way of giving information to the US citizens. "Yea Right" I had to through my little 2 cents in here! Lol.

  Did you know that "Walt Disney Studios" became an actual army base of sort? Troops were stationed on the studio grounds throughout the war, and work with Walt Disney to make different types of propaganda short films for training troops and some animated films for morale purposes for Americans. Some of these film shorts carried a strong message to arouse or change viewpoints of the American public. "Scrap Happy Daffy" encourage you to donate scrap metal for the war, "Bugs Bunny" to buy war bonds, and others encourage paying your taxes! "Donald Duck" was used to poke fun at Hiter's Germany. 
Anyway, after the war came time to re-enlist soldiers for the armed forces and animation cartoons played a part. I have here a cartoon made by "United Prodctions Of America", 1940-1970 This adult cartoon is for recruiting for the navy. BJ/ 🙈🙉🙊


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