Friday, February 5, 2021

"Felix The Cat" Debut With Us In 1919

"Felix the Cat" is a Smooth and cool-animal cartoon character developed in 1919 by Pat Sullivan and Otto 
Messmer throughout the silent film period. A human like black feline with white eyes, a black body, and also a large smile, he is one of the most acknowledged cartoon characters in film history. Felix The Cat was a silent film which tried to move to sound in the late 20's but was not to successful and even in the 30's was short lived. Felix Came back to life in 1953 on TV in the United States and had good success. 
Otto J Messmer was born August 16 1892 Union City New Jersey and Died October 28 1983. He was an American animator, best known for his work on the Felix the Feline cartoons and comic strip produced by the Pat Sullivan studio. The extent of Messmer'' s role in the development and appeal of Felix is a matter of ongoing dispute, especially as he only laid his claim to the character after the death of Sullivan, who till that time had received the credit. Nevertheless, most popular comics and animation historians support Messmer'' s declare, as do the veterans of the Sullivan studio. Pat Sullivan on the other hand was born Feburary 22nd 1885 and passed away Febuary 15th 1933. Sullivan'' s involvement in the project is contested, although handwriting in the animation has actually been identified as his. " Felix The Cat"" was the very first cartoon character created and developed for the screen, in addition to the very first to become a licensed, mass merchandised character. Sullivan took the credit for Felix, and though Messmer directed and was the lead animator on all of the episodes he appeared in, Sullivan'' s name was the only onscreen credit that appeared in them. Messmer likewise oversaw the direction of the Felix paper strip, doing most of the pencils and inks on the strip until 1954. Wow!!! unbelievable.

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