Sunday, November 27, 2022

Vintage 1967 George Of The Jungle cartoons: "Watch Out For That Tree !!!"


George of the jungle is a parody of Tarzan the ape man (tv sitcom series). The cartoon series ran from September 1967- December 1967 with 17 episodes. George is a numb-skulled big-hearted ape man who is always called upon by the District Commissioner to save the inhabitants of the jungle territory of Mbwebwe Province in Africa from various problems.

George is shown swinging through the trees and smashing into things as the theme song plays on ( "watch out for that tree !"). He is constantly falling out of the treehouse and crashing to the ground. There are a number of other running gags including George forgetting that he lives in a treehouse and being constantly reminded of this fact.

 George of the Jungle has two friends who live in the jungle with him: an ape named "Ape" and a talking parrot named Tooky Tooky. The parrot is very intelligent and is often found thinking up new and clever ways to solve problems and to help George out in his adventures. George also has another pet, an elephant named Shep who imitates being a dog. His Lady friend  is named Ursula who is a version of Jane in the (tv sitcom series).

George has two frequent enemies. They are a pair of stereotypical hunters named Tiger and Weevil. Tiger having a pencil moustache and speaks in a uppity Oxford accent. Weevil speaks like a pirate and wears and shorts with a bush hat. The other one of George's recurring enemies is a mad scientist named Dr. Chicago.

George is not very smart but has a keen sense of jungle survivor skills that get the job done. He carries an animal call phrase book, that he can use to call for help and he uses it to his advantage. However, he usually gives the wrong call out (lol).

Bill Scott is the voice of George

  June Foray is the voice of Ursula

   Paul Frees is the voice of District Commissioner

Also: Daws Butler additional voices and Hans Conried narrator

Now let's show a vintage George Of The Jungle cartoon....

                          BJ 🙈🙉🙊

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