Saturday, January 27, 2024

Animation With A Unique Twist About Real People We Know and Knew*


"Blank on Blank" is a web series that started in 2012 that features animated versions of lost interviews with cultural icons and notable figures. The series was created by David Gerlach. Gerlach is a journalist, producer, and founder of Quoted Studios, the organization responsible for producing "Blank on Blank."

"Blank on Blank" takes audio interviews with various personalities, ranging from musicians and writers to actors and cultural figures, and animates them, bringing the conversations to life in a visually engaging way. The animation adds a unique and creative element to the archival interviews, making them more accessible to a contemporary audience.

The series has covered a wide range of interviews with individuals such as Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Jane Goodall, and many others. David Gerlach and Quoted Studios have played a key role in preserving and presenting these insightful conversations through the medium of animation.

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