Thursday, December 21, 2023

Do You Remember Ignat The Brick Throwing Mouse...On Krazy Kat Cartoons 1920-1963

 Krazy Kat is a classic American comic strip created by George Herriman. The

strip first appeared in 1913 and ran until 1944. It gained popularity for its unique and surreal artistic style, as well as its complex, multilayered humor.

The main characters in Krazy Kat are Krazy Kat, a black cat with a simple and innocent demeanor; Ignatz Mouse, a mischievous mouse who frequently throws bricks at Krazy Kat;

and Officer Pupp, a dog who is in love with Krazy Kat and often tries to protect Krazy from Ignatz's brick-throwing antics.

The strip is renowned for its abstract, expressionistic art style and its exploration of themes such as love, friendship, and the absurdities of life. Herriman's use of language and the characters' interactions added depth to the strip, making it a unique and influential work in the history of American comics.

As for animated adaptations, Krazy Kat was featured in a series of animated shorts produced by Columbia Pictures in the 1920s. The cartoons were silent and featured music and sound effects. The character also appeared in later animated adaptations, including a 1963 TV series produced by King Features Syndicate and another attempt in the 1990s.

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