Wednesday, December 13, 2023

"The Mad Doctor" Mickey Mouse Cartoon 1933...One Of The Scariest Cartoons Ever !!

The plot is fixated on the title character, an insane mad doctor who has hijacked Mickey's canine, Pluto. Mickey attempts to safeguard him before the insane doctor can play out his examination: putting Pluto's head to the body of a chicken to check whether a dog/chicken will bring forth a puppy from an egg. Mickey fights his way through booby traps and energized skeletons before at last getting found out. Then he is lashed onto a table to get cut open by a buzz-saw. Mickey sucked in his tummy so he wouldn't be cut in half. The scene then, at that point, blurs to Mickey sleeping in bed and unexpectedly awakened by a mosquito or fly😏 whose humming looks like the buzzing of the saw. Not yet understanding the occasions were just a bad dream, Mickey yells for Pluto, who enthusiastically bounces onto Mickey's bed unharmed.

The cartoon was banned in the United Kingdom and Nazi Germany and some theaters in the United States...because it was thought to be too scary for children. 

Billy Bletcher played the mad doctor (Voice)....and Pinto Colvig played Pluto the dog (voice).  
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