Sunday, September 18, 2022

Did You Know That" Google" Possibly Got It's Name From A Cartoon Character ? "Say What"


This post will be short and sweet but very informative, I hope.

            In the 1919 a cartoon character named Barney Google was created by Billy De Beck, he was cartoon character in the "Snuffy Smith" cartoon comics. This character was first published in newspapers and magazines and would become very popular and would be seen in more than 900 newspapers in the USA and other countries also. Barney Google road a horse named Spark Plug. This was a cartoon character which was real popular among children.

In 1930 a mathematician named Edward Kasner came up with a number that had a bunch of zeros in it, a hundred to be exact.  He asked his nephew Milton, aged 9, to give him a name for this new figure. He said "Google", after his favorite comic strip Barney Google. Edward Kasner Changed it a bit to Googol, and he also invented the name googolplex.

The Google founders had their original name as Googol, but when they registered the domain name, they misspelled it as Google.

 Barney Google was patented in 1923 and then copyrighted in 1924 which was good till 2018 (95yrs). Google company was founded in 1998. Did Google pay for the name ? Probably not since a nine-year-old thought of the name many years before the internet and domain names. But if you Google it..." did google, get it's name from Barney Google the cartoon?" you bring up some interesting history about it... and Google admits they got it from Barney Google😬

 My mouth is sealed !!! /BJ πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

        Cartoon Clip...


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