Thursday, September 8, 2022

Not Many Cartoon Lovers Remember The Flash Cartoons 1967..".Do You Remember Anything ?" Very Little


The reason you don't probably remember this cartoon was because of the lack of history, there were only three episodes made. "The Flash" was a police scientist named Barry Allen who could turn himself into the world's fastest human with his ring. Believe it or not a full Flash suit would come out of his ring and in a blurred motion he becomes "The Flash". Not only could he run superhuman fast but could run on water, run up the side of tall buildings, vibrate through solid objects, create whirlwinds, and could master the barriers of time and space....."but I never seen him do that in any of the 3 cartoon episodes, maybe if they made more episodes, we could have seen that happen 😮. He has some type of machine in his lab called a hyper-velocity, which helps him catch other speedsters with similar abilities to his. "The Flash" is also a partner in the "Justice League" which is other Superheroes.

Episodes Are: 

1. The Chemo- Creature

2. Take A Giant Step

3. To Catch A Blue Bolt

Flash was also in 3 "Justice League Of America" episodes.

Filmation Asso.(Duconvy Productions)

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