Sunday, September 4, 2022

*Remember Inspector Clouseau From The Pink Panther Movies 1963... But What About The Cartoons With Some Interesting History Facts 1965-69


*Inspector Closeau in the movies was a French police inspector who was a bumbling idiot. Common sense was not his best attributes, but that is what made him hilarious. The cartoon series of shorts came out in 1965 and ran till 1969. I only remember catching some of these cartoons when switching channels by hand because tv remotes did not exist at that time 😟, so this had to be a favorite cartoon of yours to get from your cereal bowl and switch channels... Lol. The actual cartoon was named " The Inspector" Interesting Fact: The cartoon character was actually based off Inspector Closeau of the "Pink Panther" movies even though the

cartoon never called him Closeau. In the 1968 movie" Inspector  Clouseau", credits were given to the cartoon implying that they were connected. The cartoon was produced by  DePatie–Frelenge Enterprises and released by United Artist. Historical note: The cartoon image took a dramatic change in appearance to look more like Peter Sellers the original pink panther 1965-69.
 There were 34 animated cartoon episodes made, also if you're wondering Henry Mancini music was also a part of some episodes. But as I always say" if you need more in-depth history, please use my Wiki search bar above on my blog". Now here is a look at one of the original cartoons....

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