Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Cartoon History Funny: How The Earth Will End

This post is short and sweet. Another little cartoon history moment, I just wanted you to see this 1928 cartoon made by Inkwell Studios animator Alfred Weiss and produced by Max Fleischer. This is funny but lets you peer into the minds of people's thoughts about the world ending compared to today. Similar?? What do you think?.....The cartoon short is "Ko Ko's Earth Control" So here it is...
Alfred Weiss /  Head of Inkwell Studios, Weiss began releasing sound cartoons in 1929, with soundtracks recorded at Metropolitan Studios. Some were reissues of silent Inkwell cartoons with newly added soundtracks.
Max Fleischer / The silent KoKo films were extensions of the first animated films in which live action artists would bring drawings to life, implementing another of Fleischer's inventions, the Rotograph. The Rotograph was a system for combing live action and animation.

The Fleischer Brothers went on to produce many memorable characters utilizing other techniques they invented, including Betty Boop and Popeye.

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