Friday, January 28, 2022

Charlie Chaplin Cartoons "Makes Cartoon History"

 Pat Sullivan, the head of the Sullivan Studios, contacted Chaplin in the spring of 1917. He wanted Chaplin to be a part of an animated cartoon starring him. Chaplin was cooperative and supplied a group of photographs of himself to be used as the models for the artwork. Otto Messmer, the head animator at the Sullivan Studios, was a huge fan of Chaplin and the project was started. 
Then a couple of delays happened, World War 1-Messmer was drafted, and Prison time- for Sullivan. The Sullivan Studio came to a complete halt (Closed ). Sullivan Studios reopened 9 months later, and the work on the project restarted. Then the project is further developed and has bigger focus than before. Eventually, the work is finished. And then the animated Charlie Chaplin cartoons are released.

Sullivan was a longtime collaborator with Chaplin, and it was during this time that he produced his last and most successful series of cartoons. The series was a continuation of the war saga of the first series and was eventually released. It was only released after Chaplin had returned to the states after the war and it concluded in October 1919.

Charlie Chaplin was a master of silent films. It is his ability to bring his audiences on the verge of laughter with his masterful art that made him an icon. The unique thing about Chaplin’s silent films and cartoons they continued, even after sound films started to appear. They also are a reflection of Chaplin’s success at that time. Charlie Chaplin animated cartoons were a success for a long time running. I don't know about you, but I still enjoy them today. Got one below this post. BJ / 🙈🙉🙊

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