Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Remember MC Hammer ? ..."But Did You Know About The Cartoon Series !!"


In a strange twist of fate, the character of Hammerman, the star of this animated series, is the real-life name of the rapper. The show's title   character is a young black man, Stanley Burrell ( MC Hammer), who works in a youth center and has a pair of magical dancing shoes. Whenever Stanley puts on his magical shoes, he transforms into a superhero called Hammerman. 

The hero of the series was a young, black, dancin' crimefighter, known as The Hammer. His arch-nemesis was a sadistic, middle-aged, super-powered crimefighter who did his damage from behind bars. He used his henchmen to spread his negative image of crime.

Hammerman was created in 1991 and only lasted one season. ABC executives cancelled the show because they thought it would be a waste of money and resources. 

  • Hammerman Television Cartoon Series
  • DiC Entertainment, Bustin' Productions
  • Cartoon Characters: 
  • Stanley Burrell/Hammerman,
  •  Hammerman's Would-Be Girlfriend,
  •  Nigel Neatnik.
  • Vocal Talent:
  • M. C. Hammer (Stanley Burrell/Hammerman), Susan
  •  Roman (Hammerman's Would-Be
  •  Girlfriend), Michael Williams-Stark
  •  (Nigel Neatnik), Philip Akin, Jason
  •  Burke, George Buza, Len Carlson, Rob
  •  Cowan, Michelyn Emelle, Dan
  •  Hennessey, Clark Johnson, Jeff Jones,
  •  Marc Marut, Greg Morton, Jackie
  •  Richardson, Judith Scott, John Stocker, Carmen Twillie, Louise Vallance,
  •  Maurice Dean Wint, Richard Yearwood.
  • Directed B: Mike Maliani.
  • Produced B: Kevin O'Donnell.
    Executive Producers: Andy Heyward, Louis Burrell
  • Written By Robert Askin
  • Music By The Music Team: Stephen C. Marston.
  • Foley Artist: Doug Madick.....BJ 🙈🙉🙊
  • Now It's Hammer Time !!! 

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